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View all changes between different versions of an API.
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API Diff lets you find changes between various versions of an Application Programming Interface. For example, a C/C++ API is normally provided as a collection of header files, such as .h, .hpp, or .hxx files. API Diff will scan different versions of these header files to find all changes to the API. You can view every single difference in a side-by-side file view, and you can save an overview HTML report to let your clients know exactly what changed between different releases. API Diff supports an extensible set of "Analyzers," including:
1. C/C++ parser. Using the C++ parser, API Diff can ignore non-significant API changes such as comments, whitespace, or the order of statements. It can also provide context-sensitive descriptions for each change such as "A new base class was added".
2. Comments analyzer. Parses all source code comments and tells you which ones have changed. This can be used to review documentation changes before the release of a new version.
3. Plain-text analyzer. A plain-text difference analyzer that essentially performs the same function as the Unix diff(3) command. This can be used to analyze APIs written in languages not directly supported by API Diff, such as Java, C#, Python, or JavaScript.



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