AnyVideoTo iPad

AnyVideoTo iPad 1.0

AnyVideoTo iPad is the easiest way to convert all your movies on your device.
1.0 (See all)

AnyVideoTo iPad is the easiest and fastest way to convert all your movies on your device.
AnyVideoTo iPad is easy to use.
No settings.
No technical knowledge required.
Simply drag your video or your collection on the AnyVideoTo iPad icon. All your videos will be converted quickly and in the best way you need.

Special features
High speed video conversion
The conversion keeps the right aspect ratio of the source without any stretch
No change in video color palette
Video and audio codecs used for conversion are the best choice for the output device
No technical knowledge needed for using the software

Smart conversion technology

Before conversion all videos are analyzed and the video will be converted in the best way for the selected device. If the original video has a smaller size than the native device, the converted video will have the same resolution as the original. Otherwise, if the source video is larger than the display of the target device, it will be fit to the screen resolution of the device. The bitrate is automatically set by SCT for any device.

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