Antivirus Spartan 1.0

Antivirus Spartan is a security software application.
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Antivirus Spartan is a security software application that offers you protection against malware, ransomware, keyloggers, adware, and network attacks. The malware scan and the adware scan will identify any viruses or adware causing your Mac to move slow or your Internet browser to be invaded with ads. The Network Guard feature will identify any MiTM attack, which may end in identity theft, password theft or, in the worst case, bank information theft.

In addition, the app will scan your network and will help you identify if there is any rogue device connected to it. The Personal Firewall module will record the incidents from the network guard and network scan modules, while the Anti-Ransomware function lets you scan your whole Mac in order to identify if there are any ransomware. The Anti-Keylogger feature finds if there are any keylogger software installed to record your keystrokes. The Web Protection feature will clean your Internet browser of any unwanted extensions, and it will help you to have a clean and smooth browsing experience without any ads. Yet, if you are experiencing a large amount of pop-ups, you can use the integrated browser, which is pop-up free.

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