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Free application that checks for the Flashback Trojan.
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Anti Flashback Trojan is an application that can detect Flashback infections. Flashback is a malicious software that tricks users into installing itself by masquerading itself as an Adobe Flash installation wizard. When you give it your password, the trojan will essentially have free access to your system. It is estimated that over 1% of Macs worldwide have been infected by this trojan. New variants don't even need your password to infect your system. Anti Flashback Trojan was developed by Moritz Wette, a young German developer. I can't say what it does because I honestly don't know. But the bottom line is that it looks for signs of infection on your Mac. When you first launch the app, you will see a pop-up warning saying that the scanning process will take some time and there are an OK and a Cancel button, but the scanning process starts automatically after a few seconds, so you don't have time to press either. After the scan is completed, you will see another window telling you whether you are infected or not. In my case, I got a message saying that I was not infected. I double-checked by running a few terminal commands that can be used to see if you are infected or not. And I was not. So this app can detect whether you are infected or not.

In conclusion, if you suspect you have been infected by this trojan, you can try this and see if it works.

José Fernández
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