Anonymizer Universal costs $79.99/year.

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I was a subsciber of this software for many years (I paid the upfront 79.99 for the first year and multi years at the 29.99/yr continued subscription). I recently had a computer crash and decided it was time to upgrade so I waited 2+ weeks to receive my new computer and spent almost another 2 weeks re-installing my pgms. When I re-installed Anonymizer Universal it told me that it had expired within the last couple of weeks. I contacted them, explaining the situation, and told them that I wanted to continue my subscription. Guess what? They told me "no way" and that, despite my predicament, I had to start completely over as if I was a new user. How is that for customer support? They had me and could now milk me for the entire first year price again, despite the fact of what happened and despite the fact that I was a long term customer of theirs. I have never been treated like that from any software company that I have EVER dealt with. They are totally non-customer support oriented and will take any opportunity to milk you for every cent they can get! They will not treat you like a human being. I suggest going with GhostSurf (that is what I did) and they recognize that I am actually a human being rather than only a credit card. Unbelievable!

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