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Animal melody MA 1.5

Animal melody MA is a simple application for kids, which includes a piano.
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Animal melody MA is a simple application for little kids, which includes a small piano. The notes will be those of a typical piano, but they will change a bit according to the animal you select, as the sounds will include the typical sounds made by that specific animal. The included animals are cat, frog, pig, dog, and sheep. For instance, if you choose the cat, the sound will be "meow". The sounds are very cute and they have been recorded by a small kid, so the children can feel more identified. The application can help the little kids recognize sounds of animals more easily and you can use the program to invent different types of games, such as a memory game, for instance. What is more, the keys of the piano include the letters of the alphabet from A to G, and they all include a different color, so the kids can also learn these.

Sadly, the program only includes one mode, one difficulty level, and there is no menu. When you choose an animal, it will be highlighted from the rest. It would be great if the application included some games or at least some customization options for different ages.

To conclude, Animal Melody MA is a simple educational application that you can use with your kids to help them learn colors, animals, sounds and letters more quickly.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Educational
  • Cute sounds
  • Free


  • Only one mode
  • No customization options
  • No menu
  • Simple graphics
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