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The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake.
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Jess A nice game, which is very colourful and funny. It has enjoyable sounds and memorable characters. With each level it becomes more and more challenging. Really enjoy it.

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Mariika Love the series. And especially this first one. It is amazing.

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Kiki The characters of the game are the best part of it. As it is based on physics, it makes your brains work, dragging you into the little adventure for your brains.

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Jake Jay An extremely addicting game. Those saying that you can't stop when you start playing are right; even when you are unlucky and lose a game, you want to start from the beginning. Angry Birds is an awesome game, but make sure your day is free before you start playing.

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Gustav Olafsson

Gustav Olafsson I think it's quite hard to find a person who's got a smartphone or tablet and hasn't played this game yet. This is an absolute hit and the best game for iPhones and Android-based devices ever!
The only problem I can recall is that the game is highly addictive and as soon as you start playing, you just can't stop till you walk it through. And even then you want MOAR!

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