Angel Egg Pinball 3.0

Angel Egg is a multiball-oriented game in which must keep many balls in play.
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Angel Egg is a multiball-oriented game. Its very rules are oriented toward multiball play; a player's score directly reflects his or her multiball skill. Therefore, starting multiball play in Angel Egg is easy. (There are six ways: Four for invoking Spirits, and two for summoning Archangels.) You can start multiball by meeting a few simple conditions and locking a ball. However, you won't get a high score just by starting multiball. (True, you'll have a chance for a Jackpot, but its value will not be very high.) To reach a high score in Angel Egg, you must keep as many balls in play as you can, while summoning Archangels and Spirits -- though keeping many balls going makes it difficult to attack and defend.

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