Anawiki Puzzle Game 1.0

Free JigSaw puzzle game for everyone! Real jigsaw puzzle game from ANAWIKI GAMES!
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Anawiki Puzzle Game includes four different puzzles with nice images to play with. The images of the puzzles belong to some of the Anawiki shareware games and they are all very attractive. Each puzzle offers a level of different difficulty, but sadly you cannot customize that. If you want, you can view a ghost image to give you a hint, which number is unlimited. There's also a clean up button, which helps you separate the pieces, and a sort up button, which will automatically complete the puzzle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't play the game in windowed mode because it didn't work, and the graphics quality in full screen mode left a lot to be desired. The sounds and music were OK. As you can see, the game doesn't offer many customization options and the puzzles are not very challenging. I'd say the game could work for small kids who may find it interesting, but definitely not for advanced puzzle players.

In short, I really wouldn't recommend Anawiki Puzzle Game since you will surely find better puzzles for free that will provide more customization options and better graphics.

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  • Easy for kids
  • Four puzzles with different difficulty levels
  • Free


  • Windowed mode didn't work
  • Graphics quality is not good
  • Not very customizable



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