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aMSN is a powerful and efficient instant messaging client.
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aMSN is an instant messaging utility that tries to stand out by offering more functionality than other popular applications of this kind.
aMSN is in fact an open-source MSN Messenger clone that brings to the table a useful set of tools which will enhance your instant chat experience. What impresses, straight from first use, is the fact that it enables you to sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously. As most of us use multiple accounts, such a feature is highly appreciated. Although aMSN is only a MSN Messenger clone, it provides the same features as any other instant chat utility, such as: chat logs, conferencing support, emoticons, webcam support and many more.

What makes aMSN stand out from the rest of instant chat applications, besides multiple accounts capability, is the fact that it's highly customizable. aMSN allows you to adjust all the settings starting from personal, privacy and appearance to logging, connection and, for the professionals, advanced ones.

In conclusion, aMSN is quite a surprisingly feature-rich and highly customizable instant messaging application with support for using multiple accounts simultaneously.

Mario Procione
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