Amiga Classix 3

Enjoy the unforgettable feeling of classic Amiga games!
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Amiga Classix 3 contains more than 100 of the best games, which were ever made for this legendary system. A comfortable menu allows you to start all classics under Windows and MACOS, as well as on an Amiga. Within some seconds you can explore this fascinating world of intense playability. This compilation lets you re-live the thrills and spills of such fast paced action games like Ziriax, Fatman or Zarathustra. Enjoy the fantastic stories of adventure games like Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Sixth Sense Investigantions, Maupiti Island, Tower of Souls or Crystal Dragon. Race over dangerous streets in XTreme Racing, Wheelspin, Vroom or Furmula 1 Manager. Prove your strategic experiences in MahJong, Tanglewood or Blade. Test your skills with Obsession Pinball or manage a football club in Tactical Manager 1 and 2.

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