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"Amelia and Terror is One of the Most Unique Interactive Storybooks for iPhone and iPad.
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"Amelia and Terror is One of the Most Unique Interactive Storybooks for iPhone and iPad. Every now and again there’s an app that manages to set a new standard for an entire category." -
"Amelia and Terror of The Night" is an interactive graphic story book for all. Intellectually and visually interesting, filled with invention. It is a journey to the far-off land of adventures, games, hidden secrets and unique quests.
Meet Amelia - a little girl who lives in mysterious Mushroom Clearing with 3 friends:
▶ Big furry creature TeddyTeddy
▶ a blue two wheeled cat named Kitty-Patter
▶ and shy little tortoise called Little Pencil
Help Amelia and team rescue their friend from devious dark creature - Whine.
It is a story about friendship, acceptance, cooperation and courage.
Discover unique adventure you have never seen before.
★★ One of the most interactive digital books for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. ★★
★★ Watch your fingers! Everything is interactive in this book! ★★
✓ Find 3 hidden stars on each screen
✓ Find all hidden animated objects and characters
✓ Switch night and day
✓ Tap the bubbles to pop them
✓ Listen and repeat melodies sung by frogs or play your own
✓ beautifully presented screens with detailed graphics
✓ Lots of interactions and animations
✓ Main characters fully lip synchronized
✓ Fully narrated by professional actors
✓ Every main character has 3 different dialog lines for each screen
✓ Professional soundtrack and sounds.
✓ Automatically adapts to your iOS device performance
✓ Smooth 60 frames per second animations (30 for iPad 1)
✓ Compatible with iPhone 5 resolution
✓ Feel the deep 3D effect by moving the device from left to right
✓ Easy to use interface
✓ Captivating, hand-drawn illustrations
✓ Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents
✓ Language support for English and Polish
Do you like the LITE version of the story? Get the full one and discover:
- new scenes, illustrations
- new mini games
- 60 stars to find
- secret scene to unlock
- over 180 hidden animated objects and characters
- over 20 minutes of voices
- over 35 minutes of professional soundtrack
- over 400 humorous sounds
And more...
- Tic Tac Toe game
- Hide and Seek game
- Break glass shade
- rotate the planet with your fingers
- dress-up characters to prepare them for the adventure.
- tap the bubbles to pop them
- play the animal orchestra
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