Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Dynasty

Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Dynasty 1.0

Uncover the Forgotten Dynasty in a hidden-object adventure game.
Travel to exotic China locations in search of over 2,200 hidden objects. Pass over a hundred levels to uncover the secret of The Forgotten Chinese Dynasty. Reveal the concealed Yin and Yang symbols to unlock 2 bonus game modes and play 9 mini-game puzzles like Spot-the-Differences.

Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Dynasty...Rumors of a forgotten Chinese dynasty surfaced when ancient tiles appeared on the black market. Under the direction of the Museum you must travel across China in search of further clues. Can you uncover the secret of The Forgotten Dynasty?
Travel to 25 exotic locations as you search for more than 2,200 hidden objects. Complete more than 100 levels and find the hidden Yin and Yang symbols to unlock 2 bonus game modes. Plus, play 9 unique mini-game puzzles and collect fascinating facts in your adventure journal.
- Explore 25 exotic locations throughout China
- Find more than 2,200 hidden objects in more than 100 levels
- Play 9 unique mini-game puzzles including Spot-the-Differences
- Enjoy 3 game modes: Uncover the Forgotten Dynasty, Unlimited Seek & Find and Match-3 Bonus

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