Alterante 1.0

Organize and protect all your files across all your computers.
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Alterante automatically discovers and organizes all your files on all your computers, and provides secure & private access from any computer or mobile device. With Alterante, it is fast and easy to find any file using simple tags or recommendations made by Alterante. New files are instantly and virtually organized, while obeying your privacy and folder exclusion rules which can be readjusted at any time.
All your files from all your computers become instantly accessible on any device, using any browser or on your iPad/iPhone. Easy to find any file, using keyword search and recommendations made by Alterante. All your files are automatically organized by filetype & date range . For example, you can quickly find all the XLS documents you created this week on multiple computers. Create your own tags, for easy and quick access to any group of files. View photos, watch videos, open any document right on your mobile device. Easily share any photo or document via email, or post on Facebook/Twitter with a single click. Launch a video, play a song, or watch a photo on your computer, using this app as your remote control. Alterante Mobile works great as a remote control for your living room media server computer. - Save files locally to your device, for offline access (for example, Photos will be stored in Photo Gallery on your iPhone). Keep your files at home, but access them from anywhere, by sending requests to your PC/Mac remotely via email.
What's new in this version:
NEW: Grid/Tile view (Great for quick photo navigation) NEW: Two-click sharing (Just select the files you want to share, then select "Share" from the action bar). NEW: Sort by date (oldest/newest) NEW: Added ability to index CAD files (AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc.) NEW: Remote audio/video playback (Note: Requires Remote Access enabled (disabled by default)

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