Alsoft MasterJuggler

Alsoft MasterJuggler 3.0

font management utility
3.0 (See all)

MasterJuggler gives you quick and easy access to your entire font library without forcing you to store all of your fonts in system font locations. You can store your fonts wherever you like, in any folder on any drive. You can even access fonts from removable media (such as a CD) or share fonts over a network. MasterJuggler does not need to move or copy your fonts in order to manage them. With MasterJuggler, you control which fonts are in use at all times. You can open and close fonts or sets of fonts as you wish without quitting your open applications.
What's new in this version:
The speed of the sample view has been improved.The speed of type-ahead selection has been improved in the samples view.Sets now have icons that indicate whether a set is active or partially active.The size of the text in the set and font lists can be changed.Fonts with multiple bitmap sizes are now grouped in one row in the font list instead of one row for each size.Folders can now be selected when using the "Examine Fonts" menu command.Sorting the Files view by t...

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