Alpine Crawler Ultimate

Alpine Crawler Ultimate 4.0

An off-road racing simulator game with different vehicle types.
4.0 (See all)
Tacke control of a race car, a truck or a different type of vehicle and partake in races that take you across different types of terrain on multiple levels with varying difficulty. Real-time calculation of physics is included to simulate the off-road driving experience.

Alpine Crawler Ultimate is an Off Road simulation with real time physics, weather effects, different cars and tracks to choose and much more.

Alpine Crawler Ultimate includes the OS X version of two well known iOS games: Alpine Crawler World and Alpine Crawler Wild.


- 3 game modes (Free ride, Time trial, Challange)

- 7 racing cars / sportcars in AC World

- 9 cars / trucks in AC Wild

- 3 terrains / locations in each game

- 30 exciting and hard levels (10 per location) in each game

- differenet weather and day-night conditions (day, night, rain, snow, dawn)

- visual effects (car-lights, car
-colours, dirt)

- 5 playable drivers (both male and female)

- unique and smooth gameplay
- unique highscore system
- support for Multi-Touch Trackpad control

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