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Count all kinds of files and assess data on your drives.
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Check out a file counter for your Mac. Work with the instruments to determine the number of files stored on your drives and count them with a full assessment of the size, type, and other parameters of the items. Scan entire directories and subdirectories.

AllAboutFiles is a fast file counter and more. It's able to scan thousands of files per second on a modern Mac. It lets you easily find out where large numbers of files exist, and where your disk space is being used. Point AllAboutFiles to a directory on you Mac and it will scan that directory and all sub-directories make a count of the files and keeping a running total of the sizes of the files in all directories. The results are displayed in a tree structure which can be sorted by name, file count, or file size. You can view the contents of each directory and see information about each file. Open directories or files directly from with the app so you can clean up.

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