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All-in-One Bundle 1.2

All proceeds will go to charity. Find out more at
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*All proceeds will go to charity. Find out more at
All-in-One Bundle is an excellent pot-pourri of 80 original designs for Pages documents, 15 presentation themes for Keynote, 120 stationery templates for Apple’s Mail, and 750 symbol images. Save time and achieve more with All-in-One Bundle!
Mix for Pages
The collection of 80 easy-to-use templates for producing business and personal content with Apple’s Pages covers a wide selection of designs, from business cards and brochures to letters and envelopes. Every layout – from the simple refinement of text-only pages to the cheery mix of pictures and slogans in brochure templates – features quality design and expert usability. Available in the US and international page sizes.
Mix for Keynote
These 15 high-quality designs for Keynote presentations are much more than just beautiful backgrounds. Each includes 20 varied master slides, which allows you to choose the best layout for your data, whether it is mostly made up of bullet points, contains a mix of text and illustrations, or presents multiple graphs and tables.
Mix Mail
The perfect tool for those who want to perk up their emails, Mix Mail provides you with 120 distinctive designs for Apple’s Mail. The set includes 5 categories: Basic, Daily, Greetings, Invitations, and Travel. You will definitely discover a stationery templates that both suits the occasion and expresses your mood.
Symbol Mix
A huge of collection of letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols available in 12 colors. Copy and paste any of these PNG images onto your presentation slides or text documents, and give your audience something to remember!

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