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All Audio Recorder Pro 2.0

An audio input and system audio output recorder with editing capabilities.
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I went into reviewing this software expecting to be rather unimpressed. With such a generic program name, a collection of 1-star App Store reviews, and a Chinese developer under the name "David Pete," it had all the makings of barely functional software at best, malware at worst. I was thus pleasantly surprised when my tests produced results comparable or superior to other commercial audio recording software.

All Audio Recorder Pro can record audio from built-in and peripheral input sources, and has the capability to record system audio output simultaneously or separately à la Audio Hijack. Recording system audio requires an additional installation of "GeatdyAudioDevice [sic]" from Greatdy Software's website - a download which isn't directly approved by the App Store. Nonetheless, this is a quick download that doesn't even require a restart of All Audio Recorder to begin working, and it works seamlessly. I expect that complaints in App Store reviews were due to reviewers who didn't realize they were in fact recording the audio input rather than audio output - hence the distortion.

The program also features basic tag and artwork editing, audio trimming, ringtone conversion, and exporting directly to iTunes or CD. There is a filter tool, but it only works for a preset selection of duration booleans, which may or may not be helpful for the average user. And even with all these features the price may be a bit steep for some - but it's cheaper than the full version of Audio Hijack.

Sam's Protip: Don't use this software to pirate music from Internet radio or other sources. It's not OK just because "David Pete" implicitly encourages you to use this software to do so. In fact, that should be fair warning.

Sam Lloyd
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Review summary


  • Captured both kinds of audio very well in tests
  • Handy features for basic use
  • Cheaper than Audio Hijack


  • Poor English localization
  • No per-app recording or splitting capability
  • Recordings of less than 5 seconds often fail to save
  • Requires add-on installation (free, but not App-Store-approved) for 1:1 computer audio recording
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