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Aliquis helps you to identify your deficiencies of character by tracing a visual map of your personality and bringing out some of your most challenging and difficult tendencies.
The Personality
The personality is our own ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, which make us an individual. Every personality is a mix of shared features from different difficulties.
What is Aliquis?
Aliquis evaluates the presence of a personality difficulty, creating an assessment for each one of them. It is a software tool for self-discovery and growth.
How it Works?
Aliquis builds a graphic representation of your personality, and lets you explore the results. It works by tracing a visual, interactive map of your personality.
Personality Difficulties are twelve challenges in cognition, emotions and behavior, related to interpersonal functioning, control of impulses, fear and anxiety issues. In aliquis, each color represents a personality difficulty.
Simple & Fun
Aliquis guides you in the process of interpreting the results and analyzing the details. It is completely visual and interactive, simple and fun to use.
Pro & Amateur
Aliquis is perfect for psycologysts, psychiatrists, coaches, counsellors and other professionals. It is also ideal and fun for the family and friends.
Full Report
Because personality is a dynamic process, you may want to compare your answers with future results. Aliquis lets your Print or Save a PDF file with your full-report document.
Aliquis was developed in close collaboration with a group of dedicated mental health professionals to produce a reliable software. However, it must be emphasized that it is not a tool to be used to diagnose personality disorders or to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.
What's new in this version:
This release includes bug fixes and addresses a problem with charts displayed in Retina devices:
- Added full support for Retina display.
- Animated charts render without issues in Retina devices.

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