Alien March

Alien March 1.1

Action space themed sideway runner game.
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Alien March is a fun horizontal scroller arcade game. There are two different modes: Campaign and Survival. In the campaign you have to complete 7 different levels, or words. The gameplay is rather simple. You are dropped off on a level and start advancing horizontally. You don't have control of movement, but you can jump and shoot a gun. The gun has limited ammo, but you collect more as you play through the level. You have three lives when you start, and will lose some if you get shot and an entire live if you fall on an enemy or if an enemy runs into you. The levels are not long and each seems to feature different aliens that you have to avoid and/or kill.

After you complete the campaign mode, you can play the survival mode. This mode seems to be eternal. The goal of the mode is to get as far as you can and then brag about it. The gameplay is the same. You jump and shoot and try not to be killed in the process.

Alien March features nice graphics and music. The game isn't difficult at all, but the survival mode is challenging, especially after a while.

José Fernández
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