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ALGEBRA HELP FOR THE REST OF US! 208 Pages of material PLUS 30 video tutorials (420 minutes total).
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ALGEBRA HELP FOR THE REST OF US! 208 Pages of material PLUS 30 video tutorials (420 minutes total). ERRORS HAVE BEEN CORRECTED. If users find more Please email errors (chapter and example number) to Thanks!AlgebraTutor is a set of books and videos designed to help you get through Algebra class. Covering most of the topics found in college and high school algebra, its like having a "dummies" book with video help but without the fluff. Includes a book with 200 pages of material and hundreds of solved examples plus 6 video tutorials - all showing solved examples. The emphasis is on showing you how to solve algebra problems in a step-by-step fashion. Plus - each chapter includes an end of chapter quiz complete with answers so you can test your learning progress. ****************** PACKED WITH SOLVED EXAMPLES ******************Algebra tutor makes algebra easy for anyone to learn. Using a teach by example approach you get these tutorial books:* Solving basic algebraic equations Ax = B* Working with fractions* Exponentials and exponential notation* Roots and Radicals* Solving linear equations and graphing them* Graphing linear inequalities* Working with absolute values* Polynomials* Quadratic Equations* Completing the square* Finding roots with the binomial formula* Graphing quadratic equations* Solving systems of linear equations* Basic word problemsEach chapter includes many solved examples plus an end of chapter quiz that includes answers to each problem. Plus you get six video tutorials:* Solving basic linear equations* Solving equations and inequalities involving absolute values* Completing the square* Graphing tips* Basic inequalities* ExponentsMore videos to follow. FEAURES:* View and print PDF copies of chapters or read on screen* Easy navigation between topics* View videos on nearly full screenFor the price of a book you get a book + videos.GREAT FOR:* Students taking Algebra* Parents looking to help their struggling children* People returning to school needing a review* Adults looking for a self-study courseOvercome your fear of math by having someone show you exactly how to solve Algebra problems in step-by-step fashion.

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