Alfred 0.9

Alfred is an excellent productivity tool for the Mac.

Alfred is an excellent productivity tool for the Mac. It is much more than an application launcher, but it excels at that. Alfred can help you use your Mac without using your mouse at all. The app runs on the background and you can call it with a hotkey. By default, this hotkey is alt+space. When you press that hotkey the application will show a field where you can write. There are a ton of different actions that you can make use of. If you want to start a web search, you simply type google + whatever you want to find. If you want to find a file or folder, you type find + the name of the file. There are even system commands available. You can empty the trash, show the trash, restart your computer or simply go to sleep or shut it down. You can also activate the screensaver.

Most of the actions can be disabled, so they don't appear when you are typing in commands. There is support for custom searches, which is great if you frequent websites that are not added to the web search section of Alfred.

There is a paid version that even allows you to access all the files on your computer, carry out fallback searches, and accessing iTunes, e-mail and your Address Book.

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  • Great design
  • Lots of customizable searches


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