Album Manager 2.0

Create, update and manage albums of images.
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Upload image files to set up an exposé, generate an album for browsing and display. Move elements around, reorganize them according to your needs, resize the selected images, etc. Optionally, export the images to Photoshop and import them back after quick modification.

The Album Manager application for Mac OS X allows you to efforlessly create albums for exposé and import images.
Drag and drop is exclusively used for moving albums and photos around, as well as for selecting files for import. Built-in resizing, or the optional Photoshop interface, let you control how your images are imported. Supported formats for import are JPEG, TIFF and PNG.

The free version of Album Manager restricts you to managing up to 3 videos; it's fully functional otherwise. If you want to remove that restriction you will have to purchase a license; it's only $9 USD, and you can make an easy and secure payment via PayPal.



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