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Album Cover Finder

Not just about artwork. Sync up to iTunes to find great information about what you are listening to.
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Album Cover Finder is an easy way to add cover art to your iTunes library. If you are obsessive compulsive about your music collection, like I am, then you probably want to have every single of your albums to have a cover art. This program can help you to add those cover art pictures of the albums hassle-free.

So, if you downloaded music off the Internet or ripped an old CD, the chances are that your music files will be missing that album's cover art, that is stored in the tags of those files. This program allows to find the cover art for the albums and add them to the files of a particular album. The program does not have an option to scan a cover to be used, it only is capable of searching multiple sources for the cover you need. If it finds something, then you have an option to save that into your clipboard to be pasted in a certain location so later on it can be added as a cover art through iTunes. This is way too much work! I can find the same cover art on Google and I am happy with it.

I would assume that the full version automatically scans the files, searches the artwork and patches the tag files, so they include the artwork, BUT the company only offers 15 minutes to try the full version before you have to pay 15 dollars. Are you kidding me? I barely could look around for those 15 minutes, let alone do something that would make me like the program and cash out 15 bucks for it.

Overall, I can see the benefit of the program, but it only reaches 2 out of 5 available points and it is because of its free option to search the artwork.

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Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Automated cover import for the entire iTunes library
  • Access to the Amazon music database
  • Search parameter configuration


  • The iTunes album covers sometimes fail to show in the Music section


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