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Alarm Clock is a tiny alarm clock application for the Mac.
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Alarm Clock is a tiny alarm clock application for the Mac. It allows you to set an alarm on your Mac. It is a very simple app that was designed to make setting alarms an easy task. It only allows you to set a single alarm at a time. You do this by moving a sliding bar which, by default, sets the alarm in 5-minute increments. You can set the alarm to play the default sound, a system beep (a system default sound for notifications), to say something or to play an iTunes playlist. If you use the text-to-speech option, you have to type in the message that you want the app to say. The default one is "wake up"; original, I know. If you want Alarm Clock to integrate with iTunes, you have to name a playlist "Alarm Clock" for the app to work right.

In my testing, I set an alarm five minutes into the future. I muted my Mac just to see if the application would be smart enough to unmute it. Unfortunately, it wasn't. When the alarm went off, the Dock icon started bouncing, but no sounds played until I unmuted it. When an alarm goes off you can snooze it for five minutes or turn it off.

José Fernández
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  • iTunes integration
  • Easy to set-up


  • It won't unmute your computer to play the sounds or music
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