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Alarm Clock Pro is a very complete alarm app for the Mac.
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Alarm Clock Pro is a very complete alarm app for the Mac. It is the most customizable alarm app I have ever seen that runs on any platform. When you look at alarm apps, some have a certain feature, some have another, but there are only a handful of apps that have them all, and Alarm Clock Pro is one of them.

Alarm Clock Pro comes with quite a few extra features like an uptime button, a nice calendar, a stopwatch and a time zone calculator. These are all very interesting features, and from what I have seen, they work great, but Alarm Clock Pro excels at giving you lots of different options for customizing your alarms.

When you create a new alarm, you will be guided by a very complete assistant. Here, the first thing to do is select the time for your alarm. The second window will let you choose actions for when your alarm goes off. And the list of available actions is huge. You can tell the app to open a file or a URL, to change the volume of the system or to mute it, to show a notice, to execute an AppleScript, among many others.

All the features of the app worked great for me, but I couldn't get the app to unmute my Mac, when an alarm went off. Maybe, I was doing something wrong,

You can download Alarm Clock Pro and test it freely before you purchase it.

José Fernández
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  • Very customizable
  • Easy to set up


  • The unmute feature didn't work for me
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