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AKVIS Retoucher 9.6

Restore and retouch old or damaged scanned photographs.
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AKVIS Retoucher can help you make damaged photographs look like new. This tool is particularly useful with old scanned pictures that require restoration and retouching. The program’s interface is very straightforward, and the fact that it looks similar to other products by the same developer makes its learning curve quite flat if you already know them. Besides, there is excellent help documentation to consult.

Most of the working space is devoted to viewing the imported picture. There are also sidebars that provide access to different functions. Luckily, there are two modes: Express and Advanced, which you can switch to, depending on your skills. In both modes, there are presets you can choose. However, in Advanced mode, you can adjust various parameters to get more customized results. There is also the possibility of processing a batch of photographs using one of the available presets.

AKVIS Retoucher can remove all sorts of imperfections, like stains, scratches and dust. Besides, it can eliminate date stamps and other unwanted details. Although it is possible to process pictures automatically, it is also excellent that it comes with various selection tools, which let you work on specific regions only. Moreover, the tool keeps a history of the changes you make, so it is possible to get back to a previous state.

To conclude, AKVIS Retoucher is a great alternative to more expensive software when you need to carry out photo restoration jobs; yet, it is not as versatile. The product is available in three licenses: Home, Deluxe and Business, with different prices and features. Fortunately, you can try all of them at no cost. You should also know that it is available as both standalone and plugin for many popular photo editors.

Pedro Castro
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  • Two modes
  • Various selection tools
  • Batch processing
  • Automatic processing
  • Multiple presets
  • History of changes


  • Not as versatile as other more expensive software
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