Aiseesoft SWF Converter for Mac

Aiseesoft SWF Converter for Mac 6.2

Aiseesoft SWF Converter for Mac is a video conversion tool.
6.2.58 (See all)

Aiseesoft SWF Converter for Mac is a video conversion tool that you can use to convert your video files into a few different formats: WMV, FLV, FLV (H.264), SWF, WebM and AVI for video and AAC, MP3, WMA, and M4A for audio. The input format support is quite good, and the most popular video and audio formats will be opened without any problems.

This converter comes with a simple video editor and a video player. The editor lets you trim and crop your videos, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation and even add watermarks to your clips. The video player can be used to view videos or listen to the audio clips before conversion. It can also take JPEG snapshots.

I tested this app by converting an MKV file into the YouTube HD conversion profile, which is optimized for video streaming. The process was average in speed, taking 35 seconds to convert 30 seconds of video. The quality of the resulting file was quite good.

In conclusion, this video converter works like a charm, it is average in terms of speed and design, and the only problem I have with it is its pricing. Before reviewing this converter, I spent some time with Aiseesoft Flash Converter for Mac, which has no format limitations and costs 4 dollars less than this one. This converter has a very limited output format support, and only a small percentage of the conversion profiles that you can find in other converters, yet it is more expensive. And there aren't any special features that would justify that price increase.

José Fernández
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  • Good input format support
  • Video editor
  • Video player


  • Its pricing doesn't make much sense
  • No GPU acceleration
  • No estimation of final file size
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