Aiseesoft iPhone SMS Transfer for Mac 6.2

Aiseesoft iPhone SMS Transfer for Mac is a backup utility.
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Aiseesoft iPhone SMS Transfer for Mac is a backup utility. It allows you to transfer your SMS history and contact list from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch back to your Mac for safekeeping. The app can read these files directly from an iOS device connected using the USB cable or it access the backup files created by iTunes during the sync process.

The graphical user interface consists of four panes. There are two on the left. The top one shows the devices that are connected and the backup files that the app has detected. Below that, you will find another pane where a media player is located. This media player can be used to play songs, and videos, but you can only access these features if you purchase the "Ultimate" version. There is a link that appears, when you click on a feature that is restricted, that actually takes you to the home page for iPhone to Mac Transfer. There are two other panes on the right. The first one shows a list of your messages and your contact names, and the second shows the actual content of the messages and information about your contacts.

In short, this application only allows you to transfer a few things back to your Mac. I believe that if you really want to buy an app to back up your messages, you might benefit more from iPhone to Mac Transfer, which doesn't cost much more than this and has a lot more functionality.

JF Senior editor
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  • It supports iPads and iPods as well
  • Fast


  • Too limited
  • It shows content that you can't access to lure you into buying another app



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