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Airy - YTB video downloader for Mac with the possibility to extract MP3
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Airy is a YouTube downloader for Mac and Windows. This small app allows you to download videos of any size, duration, and quality in a simple and quick manner. Airy works as a standalone app, and it can also be added as an add-on to popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Downloading video with Airy is easy and comes down to two steps: obtain a video URL and paste it into the app’s window. As soon the app detects the video you want to download, it will show the different formats and resolutions it is available in. The app downloads videos in MP4 and 3GP, which makes them playable on virtually all mobile devices. Although the app's description says it also supports FLV, the option is not available in the trial version. Airy is also capable of transforming any video to MP3, downloading and encoding the file in the same process. Furthermore, it possible to copy and paste a list of multiple video URLs: Airy will quickly process and add the videos to the download queue.

As far as resolution goes, Airy downloads HD video, including 4K/8K Ultra HD content, as long as these options are available. In addition to this, Airy supports the download of playlists and channels. Another nifty feature is the possibility of downloading a number of videos at a time. By default, Airy saves videos in the Downloads folder, but you can easily change this in the app Preferences.

Airy is a simple YouTube downloader that gets the job done, however, I found it a bit pricey considering its simplicity, limited format support, and lack of extra features, like built-in search tool. It is also worth noting that app downloads video from YouTube only, so if you need to obtain video from Vimeo, for instance, you will need a different downloader.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Simple app that works very well
  • Supports HD and Ultra HD downloads
  • Batch downloads
  • Enables you to download entire playlists and channels
  • Downloads video in MP3


  • Lacks a built-in search tool
  • Supports YouTube only
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