AirStumbler 1.3

Wireless network discovery tool for Mac.
1.3 (See all)

Airstumbler is a wireless network discovery tool for Mac. Developed out of neccessity, AirStumbler is an essential tool for any wireless enthusiast. Developed by Doss of Nexus 9. (
Features include:
- Accurate Stumbling Results
- Built-In WEP And Non-WEP Network Joining
- Auto Joining For Non-WEP Networks
- WEP Compatibility For:
- Apple Password:
- 40 Bit HEX
- 64 Bit HEX
- 104 Bit HEX
- 128 Bit HEX
- Immediate Dropping Of Current Wireless Connection
- AirPort Card Power Control
- Logging Of All Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, AirPort card.

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