AirRadar 3.1

Immediately connect to a Wi-Fi network accessing tourism-related websites, etc.
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AirRadar is a Mac utility that might prove to be of good use when you're on a trip and require to immediately connect to a Wi-Fi network for sending files, accessing tourism-related websites, etc. The application comes with a straightforward interface, has easy-to-configure settings, and provides you with detailed information regarding the found hotspots.

When I launched the program for the first time, my AirPort mode was off. The app provides you with an option to quickly turn AirPort mode on and start scanning your area for hotspots. Once the scanning process is complete you can check which is the network with the best signal and connect your Mac to it.

In addition, the utility provides you with an option to mark your favorite networks. This way, you can get access to the hotspot you need within moments.

In the Map window of the application, you should see the nearby hotspots in 3 viewing modes: Street, Satellite, and Hybrid. This feature gives you a better look at where you can find the hotspot with the best signal possible. Unfortunately, in my case, the program failed to display the correct map location (on a different continent, to be more exact). Still, having access to a map that shows you the location of nearby hotspots isn't totally necessary as you get plenty of useful info from the Scan window.

Briefly, this program might prove to be of good use if you're the kind of people who travel a lot and require an Internet connection. The app is simple to handle, effective, and cheap.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Immediately completes the scanning process
  • Provides you with filtering options
  • Brings you detailed statistics based on the scan results
  • You can mark your favorite networks
  • Lets you save scan results for later


  • Might offer you an incorrect map location
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