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AirPrint Activator 215.0

This new version allows you to AirPrint to non local shared printers...
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AirPrint Activator is the next generation software that will be compatible with OSX Lion. It is a complete re-write of the original and no longer depends on Apple's support of AirPrint inside the OS. What that means is that even if Apple remove support for Airprint is future OSX update it will keep running. The new release is no longer requiring "Administrator" privileges either. This is a good thing for the security conscious. The down side is that AirPrint will only work if your are logged in using the user that activated AirPrint. This new version also allow you to AirPrint to non local shared printers like an Airport Expressed based printer. AirPrint Activator listen to all local network printer advertisements and make them available via AirPrint.

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