Airport Mania - First Flight 1.0

Airport Mania is a casual time management game with cute graphics.
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Airport Mania is a casual time management game in which a player must control plane traffic at an airport. It has established itself as a classic in the genre with its cute graphics, addictive gameplay, and numerous in-game achievements.

Gameplay is fairly standard as far as time management games go. No keyboard use is necessary, as player control consists primarily of clicking on planes and clicking on where they want them to go. While this sounds extraordinarily easy, and for the first few levels is just that, the difficulty level for those aiming for a perfect score ramps up fairly quickly as space in the airport becomes a precious commodity and a large variety of bonuses and obstacles come into play.

Those hoping to unlock the "Paper Planes" feature (which, unfortunately, is not a very exciting one) will have to get perfection nearly across the board - and that's a lot of levels. In short you'll have no problem keeping your attention focused on this game, and having quite a bit of fun while doing so.

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  • New obstacles and solutions as the game progresses keep the gameplay fresh
  • Seamless graphics and audio


  • Too easy to get a perfect score on all levels



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