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A browser for shared images created with the Air Peinture iOS app.
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Air Peinture Live View is a browser for shared images created with the Air Peinture iOS app. There is no editing capability, merely the ability to see what people have been scribbling recently. Although the app is advertised as being able to recreate the strokes taken to make each piece, that feature is nowhere to be found, although you can copy the image to your clipboard or tweet it.

When I loaded up this application, the vast majority of pictures at the time consisted of blank pages or random scribbles, with a few more interesting ones thrown in the bunch. Air Peinture is evidently not a frequently enough used app for live updating to make much difference in the content over time. Also, while the images are sorted into pages, collections of about 35 recent clippings apiece, there were only 2 pages available when I looked through them. It's unclear whether this was intended by the developer, but one thing's for sure: there are much easier ways to share images.

Sam's Protip: I reckon some of the minimalistic scribbles could pass for modern art (if you attached them to the right artist name, of course). What do you think?

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  • Great for artists needing an ego boost
  • Constantly updated with most recent images


  • Not very much content
  • Most images are blank or nearly blank
  • Unclear how to access dynamic drawing playback



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