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Air Media Server lets you stream videos to your iOS devices.
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Air Media Server lets you stream videos to your iOS devices. It also supports other clients like Android phones, Samsung Wave and even Smart TVs. The solution consists of two separate apps. One of them runs on the device that you want to stream video to, and the other runs on your Mac or PC computer.

Air Media Server is the server app that you install on your Mac. The iOS app is called Air Media Center. By default, the app protects access to your Mac by requiring authentication, but you can disable this. Unlike other applications that only let you share a single folder, Air Media Server doesn't restrict the number of folders that you can share. By default, your Downloads, Movies, Music and Pictures folders are shared.

This app can transcode video on the fly. This means that you don't have to convert your files to a specific format in order to stream it. Air Media Server will take care of that and you can even specify how much CPU power you want to assign to transcoding.

Although Air Media Server is best used at home, because the bandwidth available is greater and the discovery of devices is easy, it can also be used over the Internet. If you have a uPNP-compatible router, the app can even take care of port forwarding for you.

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