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Air Hockey brings an excellent game of air hockey to the Mac.
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Air Hockey brings an excellent game of air hockey to the Mac. I had played this game on my iPhone before playing it on the Mac, and I am impressed at how well the game plays on the Mac. I thought that the mouse couldn't be as sensitive as your finger moving on a touch surface, but I was wrong. Air Hockey on the Mac is responsive and I have to say it is very fun to play, even addictive. There are six difficulty levels: Kiddie, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Insane. I was not able to beat the Insane computer opponent in a few tries. Medium was quite easy.

The tournament mode is perhaps the more fun way to play this game. You start off playing against the easiest opponent using only one puck. You play a game until one of you scores 7. If you win, you play another game, but the difficulty increases, now you play with two pucks. If you win again, you play a harder opponent with one puck, and then with two if you win, and so on. The game becomes harder and harder until you play the against the Insane difficulty opponent with two pucks. And good luck with that.

José Fernández
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