Air Assault

Air Assault 2.0

Air Assault is a basic vertical scrolling shooter.

Air Assault is a basic vertical scrolling shooter. Your objective is to control an assault helicopter and destroy as many enemy units and structures as you can without getting killed. There are no specific goals other than to shoot everything that you can while avoiding getting shot. The game graphics are awful and the sounds are very irritating. The music is OK for a while, but it gets repetitive after a few minutes.

I can't say that I am a fan of vertical scrolling shooters, but I have played plenty of them to know when a game is good and when it isn't. For starters, there is no sense or urgency when you play the game. You can easily just keep on shooting your main cannon or the missiles for as long as you want and dodge enemies and you will finish level after level. You can probably also reach another level without even shooting if you want so. Another problem I found is enemy units. They act like they are dumb. They don't attack you directly, they just shoot in pre-set directions. Yet another issue was crashing into units or structures that you wouldn't crash into in normal shooters like this. At the end of the game, the example of the bridges shows how badly this game is designed.

José Fernández
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  • Weak design
  • Irritating sounds and music
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