Aion 1.7

Monitor the time in different regions of the globe.
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Keep track of actual time in other time zones. Automatically detect the current time settings of your system and synchronize the info for different areas of the world. Browse the available database to select the location you need, then view the actual date and time there at the moment.

Aion lets you keep track of current time in chosen time zones. The application consists of a NSStatusItem -- it's visible in the menu bar next to "menu extras" you may have installed in your system. Aion is not a menu extra though.
- User can reorder installed time zones in the preferences window
- Each time zone can be renamed to fit your needs
- Aion can show precise date or short date
- 12 h support
- User can now modify the time zone's difference from GMT => AION now supports custom time zones. To have a custom time zone create a defaults one (doesn't matter which one) and click Customize button. You can change the time difference using the application's UI
Aion comes in two versions: the basic and the extended one.
- The basic version is a simple application (available via the "Download Now" link on this page) that upon startup doesn't show itself in the dock. Instead it remains in the menu bar.
- The extended version is a NSMenuExtra variation. NSMenuExtras are those icons in the right part of the menu bar that You can move around with Your mouse. When You move a NSMenuExtra out of the menu bar it "poofs" (or unload if You wish). The extended version needs a system hack to run. Read more about this in the Installing part of this file.

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