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AgingSpine is an app that illustrates the aging process in relation to the spine
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An extension of the conditions and issues presented in SpineDecide, Aging Spine illustrates the aging process in relation to the spine. Offering more detail about the spine as we age, Aging Spine presents more user-controlled movement of spinal flexion. Spin the spine and use the toggle to simulate spinal movement seeing how the vertebrae work together to allow back and neck motion.

Begin by exploring the basic structure of the spine. Deconstruct two vertebrae to see a closeup view of a spinal disc. Simulate spinal motion, bending and flexing, by moving the toggle button. Gain a greater understanding of spinal structure in order to understand the effects of aging.

Aging Spine offers eight conditions of age-related spinal issues. Explore each condition through a series of MRIs with detailed information about trouble spots. Select a condition MRI and compare with a normal MRI. In addition, examine illustrations specific to the condition and hear audio text describing doctor-written material about the medical condition.

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