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Organize tasks and schedule custom events.
Mar 12, 2023
Nov 21, 2022
Oct 23, 2022
Sep 11, 2022
May 14, 2022
Jun 1, 2021
Apr 7, 2012

What's new

v16.1 [Nov 21, 2022]
- Added a Get Note Summary and Get Selected Text app Shortcut, as well as additional search and sort options for other Shortcuts
- Added a Paste As menu with options to paste text with or without formatting, or directly as a preformatted or block quote paragraph
- It's now possible to delete tags from the tag browser
- Tables pasted from apps like Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers are now converted to tables.
- Pasted lists are now properly inserted as list.
- Attributes from HTML, like bold and italic, are preserved on pasting
- There is much improved editing behavior for emoji's and multi-byte unicode characters like those used in Chinese and Japanese, particularly when editing tags, using formatting markdown.
- Autocompletion should now work better when using Chinese and other multi-byte languages
- It is now possible to show multiple full-width images next to each other if there's sufficient space
- Long-tapping an attachment on iOS and iPadOS will directly open the preview of an attachment
- Block quotes are now shown in a nicer way when used within a list
- When pasting text, leading spaces and tabs are now automatically converted to indentation
- The placeholder of an empty note is now using the preferred font
- When sharing a note as email we no longer show the advertisement for Agenda if you own the premium features
- Rich Text is now available for sharing using AirDrop
- When inserting a tag at the start of a line, Agenda no longer inserts a preceding space
- More reliable activation of focus filters
- Printing now works again on iOS and iPadOS
- Title fetching for pasted links was not working, this is fixed
- Fixed an issue where editing a tag could delete extra words or spaces
- Fixed an issue where changing the name of a tag, person or attachment token could truncate some characters
- Deleting attachments by backspacing now works, and so does deleting characters within a tag, person or attachment token
- Tooltips on macOS for links are now shown correctly
- The keyboard shortcuts for moving a note to the beginning or end now work
- Typing > at the end of a note now properly converts to the block quote style
- Escape no longer triggers help in the collaboration popover
- The \clear action now properly works to remove formatting
- Fixed an issue where sync could get stuck
- Fixed an issue where the island button would move up along with the keyboard
- Fixed an issue where selecting a note from the recently edited list would not make it visible while searching
- Fixed an issue when editing attachments that have just been added to a note
- Updated and improved translations
For a complete list, see the release notes under the help menu or by visiting

v14.1 [May 14, 2022]
- Sync activity is now shown as clouds moving across the "islands" button (requires 10.14)
- Spell checking is much improved
- A link is now inserted to a reminder when it is added to a note from the right panel
- The related notes panel now includes links to whole projects
- Now automatically select the first option during autocompletion
- You can press escape to end editing of a list item
- Pressing CMD-S no longer beeps. (It is not necessary to manually save)
- Subsequent new attachments now get added with the same size setting as the one previously used
- The tag browser now defaults to searching all projects, instead of the selected one
- When pasting a numbered list, the numbers no longer get frozen, but will adjust to any existing list
- Horizontal rules are now properly visible in dark and black mode
- Fixed a crash that could occur in the sign in panel
- Chinese and some other languages are now better supported in search fields
- Fixed an issue in the sidebar with selecting the first or last item after viewing the community
- Fixed some glitches in the notes panel
- Fixed a crash during sync that arose for some users
- Fixed a crash in the sharing extension
- Using x-callback now fully saves edits before starting
- Links showing with the wrong color now show correctly
- Relative due dates now work again in saved overviews
- Sharing panel could jump when you had a table in it. No longer happens
- Fixed some dark mode issues
- Fixed various issues in the text editor
- Fixed a crash for pencil drawings appearing on some versions of macOS
- Various other crashes fixed

v13.1 [Jun 1, 2021]
Performance improvements and bug fixes.
- It's now possible to go to the next and previous days in the Today overview, or select a day or day range to display
- Week numbers can now optionally be displayed in the calendar in the related panel. Also added in the tooltip when hovering over a day
- Added the get-identifier x-callback-url to allow retrieving the identifier of a note or project
- Added a preference to disable the option-space shortcut to trigger Open Quickly, for those who heavily require on this shortcut to insert non-breaking spaces
- Significantly improved performance when working with larger libraries and with projects or overviews with many notes
- Much improved memory usage for attachments
- Much sharper display of PDF attachments in notes
- Improved performance of text editing and loading of notes with a lot of text
- Improved detection of dates in titles of notes to prevent incorrectly assigned dates
- Tables now put the cursor in the first cell when created
- The precede by new note action now works as expected when the note starts with a list and also correctly selects the title of the newly created note
- Done and undone status now work in smart overviews
- Improved tabbing behavior in the calendar picker
- Exported PDFs and prints now contain higher resolution images
- More reliable and predictable behavior of the round circle to jump to today or the assigned date of the selected note in the calendar
- Print jobs now have a title, which is suggested when using Print -> Save as PDF
- Updated localizations
- The calendar picker now works correctly with non Gregorian calendars, like the Bhudist calendar
- Fixed an issue where typing in the title field of new reminders would shift focus to the searchfield instead
- The next 10 days and last 10 days preset now covers 10 days instead of 11
- Attachment thumbnails now properly switch to dark or light mode where appropriate
- Fixed an issue with selecting, copying, and editing of table cells
- Fixed an issue where headings entered using the markdown shortcut would not be recognized
- Improvements and fixes to Dropbox sync
- Added additional safety measures against accidental overriding of data during sync
- Improved copy behavior through the gear menu in the gutter popover, which also now features tooltips and correctly switches between dark and light mode
- Fixed the Copy as HTML command in the gear menu
- Resolved a number of crashes

v4.1 [Apr 7, 2012]
- Corrects issues with OS X 10.7.

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