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Printer Pro Desktop allows users to print to any printer connected to your Mac/PC using Printer Pro iPad app.
In order to be able to print documents using Printer Pro Desktop software...

— I have an Asus notebook with Windows 10 and it says "error launching installer" when I try to install it. What should I do?
You are trying to install a Mac application on a Windows PC. While the reversed process is possible with emulators, there is currently no way to run Mac applications in Windows, unless you actually... Read more
ReaddleWire 3.0 Free

The ReaddleWire desktop application transfers your files and folders using USB cable.
You can:
- Transfer files and folders to your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with ReaddleDocs or PDF Expert installed.
- Delete all transferred files to free up some space.
ReaddleWire works just like iTunes File Sharing (coping files using 'Apps'...


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Get smart notifications, filter important letters and categorize them.


Read, insert annotations, and merge multiple PDF documents into one.


View, edit, and digitally sign PDF documents.