Adelantado Trilogy. Book Three (Premium)

Adelantado Trilogy. Book Three (Premium) 1.0

Build forts, discover ancient ruins, and help the locals against Neardenthals.
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Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three (Premium) is the third part of a captivating adventure game. The sequel starts where the previous part left off. Don Diego finds himself on top of the high cliff. He comes across a stone that tells the story of these ancient and mysterious lands and their beautiful but dangerous inhabitants. Despite the risks that lay ahead, the brave explorer has to push forward and finish his quest to find the lost expedition.

On his way to a gigantic volcano visible afar, our brave hero will be accompanied by his fellow crew members. Together they will build forts, discover ancient ruins and never-before-seen creatures of the forest, defend against the Neanderthals, and help the locals.

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