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Active Viewer provides at-a-glance RAID monitoring - how you want
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Active Viewer provides at-a-glance RAID monitoring - how you want, where you want, when you want. Active Viewer is a world-class monitoring tool included in the Active Storage Management Suite. It gives clients a rich, graphical, full-featured view of how your ActiveRAID systems are performing in real-time.
Active Viewer allows you to:
- Monitor power, fans, Fibre Channel connectivity and system temperatures
- Receive detailed system information such as up time, rack location and network address
- Drill down to individual RAID Controller info: firmware level, utilization, even cache memory battery backup health
- Look up RAID array information, number of arrays and status, for example
- Reveal Drive information such as number of individual drives and health
More than a thinly featured web app, Active Storage’s rich client application is a powerful, yet easy to use tool - with zero impact on the ActiveRAID performance. By breaking out the daily monitoring tasks from the Admin functions, Active Storage was able to develop a fast, Native Mac OS X viewer providing an at-a-glance view of one or dozens of ActiveRAID systems. With a simple intuitive interface, there is no learning curve to deal with. And because it’s a viewer only, you can’t make a mistake and damage your configuration or destroy your data inadvertently.
Like Active Admin, Active Viewer utilizes the power of Bonjour to make discovery and monitoring of ActiveRAID systems easy. The clean, well-designed interface lets you navigate quickly and drill-down to easily get the information you need. The viewer’s remote capabilities let you monitor systems anywhere in the world as easily as you can monitor in the same room.

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