ActionSwing 1.0

A game that involves jumping from a swing onto a moving platform.
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In ActionSwing, you tell a stick figure when to jump from a swing onto a moving platform below. Time it right and you move onto the next level with an increase in score; time it wrong and the unlucky guy goes hurtling off the screen. Things move faster and the platform gets smaller with each successive level, but at least you have three lives to make good on your swing-jumping destiny.

As a proud member of Sunflat's line of succinct and free mini-games, the application is entertaining while providing next to no features. By way of feedback, the chalkboard green background turns black with each success and red with each void-bound toss. Landing Mr. Stickman closer to the center of the platform adds more points to your score, which can be flaunted at the developer's website high score list with a ranking system based on the performance of other recent players.

Sam's Protip: You're almost always going to want to jump from the swing when it reaches its apex. No matter how fast things are moving otherwise, the swing always approaches zero velocity near this point.

Sam Lloyd
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  • All the fun of flying off a swing at high velocity, without the broken bones!
  • Simple but addictive play mechanic


  • No ads or overly extraneous features
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