Aces of Zarlunizia9

Aces of Zarlunizia9 is a two-player spaceship war game for Mac.
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Aces of Zarlunizia9 is a two-player spaceship war game for Mac. The game lacks a single-player mode, and it can only be played with a friend on the same Mac in split-screen mode. The objective of the game is simple: kill your friend as many times as you can. To do this, each of you has different weapons in your arsenal. The primary weapon is a sort of pulse weapon, which has unlimited ammo. The secondary weapon is a guided missile. To fire it, you have to lock on your target. When the missile is fired, it will impact its target most of the time. The only way that I found to dodge the missile is to release chaffing measures. You and your friend have 3 missiles and three loads of anti-locking measures. When you run out of those, your only way to kill your opponent is by shooting him with the primary weapon. The navigation is simple. You can go up, down, left and right. By default, the up button brings your ship's nose down, but you can invert this from the preferences.

The graphics of the game are not comparable with high-budget space simulator titles, but they are OK for some quick combat action. The game is played in space, and there are a few planets and bigger ships on the screen, and you can collide with them or use them to get some cover from enemy fire.

In short, Aces of Zarlunizia9 is an original split-screen game. It is fun to play with a friend, but a single-player mode would be great to practice, and maybe fight against multiple opponents.

JF Senior editor
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  • Good graphics for an arcade game
  • Nice multiplayer action
  • Easy to play
  • Easy controls


  • No single-player mode



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