AC/DC Pinball Rocks HD

AC/DC Pinball Rocks HD 1.0

A pinball game featuring classic AC/DC hits.
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Play classic AC/DC hits on stage. The game includes pinball environment with AC/DC's well-known set pieces and original voice recordings from vocalist Brian Johnson. Toggle multiple camera angles, handle horizontal and vertical gameplay, and shred guitar in rhythm mini-games.

For those about to rock, we bring you AC/DC Pinball Rocks! Take the stage and bask in the colored lights, roaring guitars, and thundering drums of AC/DC. Includes classic AC/DC hits, original voice recordings from vocalist Brian Johnson, guitar-shredding mini-games and a hyper-realistic pinball enviroment featuring AC/DC's most iconic set pieces. Ring Hell's bells, fire a cannonball salute, flick the switch to power up the power station, and take a ride with Rosie -- all in dazzling HD. Let there be rock!
- Hyper-realistic physics engine
- Extreme detail and original artwork
- Multiple camera angles: including 3D-perspective, full table and smart cam
- Horizontal and vertical gameplay
- Multi-ball
- Featuring classic AC/DC music, including "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Thunderstruck", "Whole Lotta Rosie" and more fan favorites
- Original voiceovers from AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson
- Rhythm mini-games

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