AccountsAuditor 1.1

helps Quicken users maintain integrity of data files
1.1 (See all)
Duane W Small

AccountsAuditor is a general utility for maintaining the integrity of Quicken data files. I developed the program to meet my own needs, and I'm offering it without charge to others who may find it useful. I am not associated with Intuit, Inc., publishers of Quicken. This program has not been reviewed or approved by Intuit, Inc.
The program works by comparing the current, working file with a saved file to make sure that there haven't been any spontaneous changes to the data. I have experienced a number of spontaneous changes in my files, including some with Quicken 98 (the most recent version I've used). I've also experienced changes when performing a version upgrade.
What's new in this version:
Dates are now interpreted in accordance with date format settings in the Date & Time Control Panel, instead of assuming the date format conventional in the US. A consequence of this change is that dates with four-digit years are forced into the same range (1928 - 2027) as dates with two-digit yearsTo accommodate newer versions of Quicken (including future versions), as well as other money management programs, lines in the export file may now be of unlimited length. They previously...

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