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Collection of 6 backgammon variations (backgammon...
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Absolute Acey Deucey (was Absolute Acey Deucey Plus) is a collection of 6 backgammon variations (Backgammon, American Acey Deucey, Dutch Backgammon, European Acey Deucey and Nackgammon) that has many features including 4 different methods to move the pieces, 5 skill levels.
For those concerned that the dice rolls might not be random, the game has an option to save the dice rolls, to be used in the game, to a file in the game folder before the game starts. There is also an option to ask if you want to use your dice rolls or the computer's dice rolls. With these 2 options selected, even the most skeptical can be assured that the game is not cheating. Also, you can check the stats that the game keeps to assure you that the dice rolls are random and not favoring either player.

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